Simple, transparent and safe
investing in cryptocurrencies

Fumbi brings the opportunity to harness the potential of the fast-growing
cryptocurrency industry to absolutely everyone.


This is

Product page

Main point of contact with customers. Provides introduction to the company and products.


Contains video courses aimed to educate users in the cryptocurrency industry.

Client section

Registered users can access their account and view their investment performance.


What Was Done

Our first job for Fumbi was to create a new graphic identity for their presentation website. Moving our cooperation further, the client asked us to redesign the UX and UI of their customer portal. Another part of our assignment was to implement an education section to the portal and develop a mobile app for customers of Fumbi.

Thanks to different metrics of customer behavior we have been able to continuously recommend new solutions designed to improve user interaction keeping the portal easy to use and navigate.



Our main challenge was to create a UI that would clearly lay out the benefits of investing in crypto while explaining fees and threats and in a transparent manner.

Education section of the portal posed another set of challenges of delivering a complex topic of cryptocurrencies so that even inexperienced users could understand the basics.

As a fast growing investment startup, Fumbi was under a lot of time pressure. They asked us to create a mobile app that would provide good value for money in the shortest possible time.

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