A better way of studying

OpenLab is implementing IT-focused professional education as a new standard
for formal education in schools.

6 Classes

powered by our values and by Openlab

267 Students

happily studying in Openlab

12 Labmasters

working relentlessly to provide new information to students

2 Schools

that have implemented Openlab


Openlab features

Celospoločenský rozvoj

Learning materials are open source to everyone.

Učenie praxou

Students are led to make decisions as a team.

Rozvoj talentu

We create ingenious teams capable of dealing with large-scale problems


Straightforward Presentation

Wezeo was tasked with creating a website that could be both appealing to young students and their parents, while explaining the fundamentals of OpenLab in a simple and concise manner. The website shows most of the important information in easy-to-read boxes to allow the visitor to quickly grasp what OpenLab is about

Everything begins with a short introduction and an explanation of the 3 main pillars of OpenLab – Personal growth, learning through practice and the growth of talent. What follows is the scale of the organization, that is, the number of students who attend OpenLab throughout how many classes and schools.

Choosing the right high school is a sensitive and lengthy process, therefore we had to focus on transparency and openness which would build the interested person’s trust in OpenLab. We showed the innovators behind OpenLab and the technologies that they use so that students wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on any knowledge!

Opinions of OpenLab’s students were also included as a 3rd party which could provide their own view on the new system of education, further legitimising the organization. A showcase of several students’ projects show the fruit of OpenLab’s efforts on how it accelerates the growth of their students.





School reform is a highly extensive topic and presenting a new method of schooling as simply and concisely as possible was a worthy challenge.

Openlab students will experience

Work with the newest technologies

Work on actual paid client projects

Constant support from experienced people in the field

Teambuilding, and expression of emotions

Looking for a hand?

We offer you both of ours.


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