Mobile platform for travel agencies

Vacatuner helps you increase revenue and upgrade your customers’
experience by connecting travel with technology.



Vacatuner brings you

Information in the palm of your hand

With vacatuner customers can have all the information in the palm of their hand.

Your own customized travel application

You can personalize the app with your data and show the right offer to your customers.

Activities and trips along your journey

Offer customers more activities and trips along their journey to sell more products.


What Was Done

WEZEO created a complete UX/UI design of the new mobile app that solves problems of traveling and brings traveling in to the digital world. Assignment was to create an application that allows you have all the travel information in your pocket. With vacatuner you can easily booked your flight, hotel or trip in your destination.

With the new UI of application, we have also designed a new, modern and simple logo for users. vacatuner also brings you a detailed list of activities for the destination to which you travel along with an integrated chat with your tourist guide or other tourists.



The main challenge was to develop a mobile platform for travel agencies that provides an easy way to customize the application based on the brand of the specific travel agency and their customers.

With vacatuner you don’t have to:

Design, develop
and test your own app

Develop new features

Maintain and
support it

Employ additional people to take care of it

Looking for a hand?

We offer you both of ours.


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