Investment platform of Ivan Chrenko,
the richest Slovak


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We are leader and the biggest software studio in the field of hybrid app development. We have always tried to be one step ahead of others adopting new technologies, methods and move forward with our evolutionary approach. Thanks to this, our work has been recognized both home and abroad.

The first online smart investment consulting platform developed with leading-edge technologies

Finax is the first company that makes smart investments available to everyone. We have have been working on the product since the very beginning and are proud to have based the product on our technologies. The algorithm we have programmed evaluates the best possible investment plan individually for everyone and at the same time simplifies the access to the platform thanks to advanced facial biometrics technology.

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They had a customer-first approach to project management. WEZEO's development efforts elicited positive feedback from our clients. The team professionally handled the entire product without disrupting normal business processes. They were consistent in their communication and proactive in their work ethic to eliminate bugs or problems in the final product.


The company was established by Juraj Hrbatý and Radoslav Kasík, who in April 2017 decided to develop a unique platform together with the mission to expand smart investments and make them available to every household in Slovakia. Today, their company belongs to the fastest growing fintech startups. Thanks to their efforts they also earned the trust of the richest Slovak, Ivan Chrenko, who became their investor.

Mobile platform for the digitalization of tourism

Vacatuner enables professional tour guides, influencers and bloggers to sell their unique digital itinerary via application. It also allows travel agencies to improve their services and increase customer loyalty by making the trip details available in one place through the application. This function enables the clients to purchase additional services directly through the app or communicate directly with the delegate.

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Their speed and professional work ethic speak for themselves. WEZEO developed an app that elicited positive feedback from users. The team’s professional approach to the project, time-oriented workflow, and level of knowledge in their field resulted in a positive and ongoing experience.


The idea of the project popped into our heads on our travels, when we realized that we lacked a digital solution that would enable us to communicate with the travel agency in a way that modern technologies allow. We created a prototype of a mobile application, which we tested on several tours, and since the response was very positive, we began to develop a full-fledged digital product.

Promotion planning & marketing calendar for retail

Axfood use SAP PMR to manage all of their chains' promotional activities. The system lacked two important functions: support for Promotion Planning and support for Promotion Negotiation. These processes were handled by each chain using various Excel sheets or custom built Access databases.

Their flexibility allows them to quickly accommodate new requirements. Adaptable and technically proficient, WEZEO consistently performs above standard. Deliverables are routinely under budget, ahead of schedule, and lauded by customers. Though they can be more assertive regarding client intent, they are a reliable, motivated partner dedicated to long-term success.

MARTIN VOROS / Senior Developer at retailsolutions AG

They are one of the leading retail consulting companies in Europe. They operate on British, Swiss, German and Austrian markets and satisfy customer needs in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and all German-speaking countries. With more than 100 consultants, they help to implement SAP solutions and process IT orders covering the entire retail supply chain. The company was established by direct separation from the SAP organization.

Intelligent switchboard for communication with customers

It is a cloud VOIP service that allows one to communicate with customers in 70 countries around the world. It consists of a web interface and hybrid applications built on Ionic. The cooperation on mobile applications that we developed for the client was all the more interesting because we had the opportunity to cooperate with developers.

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CloudTalk is being developed by a great team of enthusiastic people with a passion for innovations. The company's goal is to change the future of business phone calling and the very way of customer communication. The telecommunications business has gone unnoticed for a long time, making it outdated and complicated. CloudTalk aims to change that and one of the leading Czech funds, BVC, owned by the billionaire Tomáš Krsek, who has invested more than a million euros in it, also believes their vision.

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