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Our team of skilled developers is dedicated to offering top-tier expertise and support, ensuring a seamless transformation of your concept into a successful market-ready product.

Equipped with advanced developer capabilities and capacities, we are ready to provide tailored assistance, delivering high-quality solutions that align precisely with your needs.





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#1 Hybrid app studio in slovakia

We are digital enthusiasts with passion for web and mobile apps

A Unique Collaboration
Unlike Any Other

20+ years
of experience
in latest technologies

One Code Base

Create powerful cross-platform application with hybrid development

The combination of Vue.js and Ionic + Capacitor for hybrid development leverages the unique strengths of each framework to deliver robust cross-platform applications.

This combination enables developers to build engaging user interfaces, access device-specific features seamlessly, and deliver applications efficiently across multiple platforms.

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UX/UI designer

Back-end developer

Front-end developer

Project manager

Our team, your team

dedicated team specifically tailored to support and nurture your project

We are fully committed to providing you with a dedicated team specifically tailored to support and nurture your startup idea/project. Our dedicated team will be solely focused on bringing your vision to fruition and ensuring its long-term success.

Our approach to building your startup with your internal development team is centered around collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing. By combining the skills and insights of both teams, we create a powerful partnership that maximizes productivity, fosters innovation, and ensures the long-term success of your startup.

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Beyond Software Development
Providing Full Digital Product Service Package!

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Our Investment to your startup

We offer three types of investment to your startup

Knowledge & Execution Investment

Investing our expertise and execution according to the partnership route for the discounted rate

Initial Capital + Knowledge & Execution Investment

We are providing an initial capital to your startup or our joint venture, allowing you to access discounted rates for the hours you utilize thereafter.

The allocation of these hours will be based on a mutually agreed-upon executive plan tailored to the current requirements of the startup.

Growth/Venture Capital Investment

Through our strong network, we will help you connect with VC funds or actively fundraise.

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Veronika Radobická

CEO & Co-founder

Grigor Ayrumyan

Board member

Martin Klempa


Marko hrivnák

Head of Sales

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